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Online dating

Online dating

A good option is to advertise. This tradition has existed without interruption for over three hundred years. Modern ad platforms have ceased to be newspapers, have moved to the Internet, have acquired convenient functionality: filters, questionnaires, reviews, a user rating system. When a guest interacts with other users, you can write a review about him. This principle works well in trading and is quite applicable in human relations.

If we talk about the cons:

* mediated moderation does not identify all scammers, as it does on dating sites
* people are afraid to post pictures and cancel a date
* the person you like can live on the other side of the country

An alternative approach is seen in the pros:

* you can read the entire array of declarations
* filters allow you to view information in the selected category
"lucky" to stumble upon a scammer - write a review
* usually the services of such sites are free

Placing an advertisement with us is completely free, you just need to register and fill out a short form. Guests can view all information and open contacts. The filters on the left will help meeting a girl or a guy, select the city in the field at the top of the page. Most popular cities for dating:

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